How our name came about

It just came in one night when I saw a picture of the UN flag randomly while watching the news. I saw the olive branches as sticks and the globe as essentially an oblate ellipsoid gargantuan stone. Then it struck me that I could call this “Sticks and Stones” because some words have to be spoken, some words have to be heard and these words will hurt. These words reveal nothing but the truth of our current society. Therefore I stuck with “Sticks and Stones” to remind my readers and myself especially that even while going through my own analysis, the truth mustn’t be avoided just because it’s painful. Rather, this is what makes truth beautiful. And of course, writing.

Our aim

Sticks and Stones is a Singapore-based aspiring news source dedicated to analysing world events and current affairs not commonly pondered. We aim to bring you fresh ideas from different yet equally logical perspectives, be it popular or unpopular, so as to trigger critical thinking and knowledge building among our esteemed readers.

We wish and strongly encourage a system in which readers contribute by writing about almost any topic. We will post them up with our own responses on your very views to build constructive and engaging discourse. You can choose whether or not to activate your anonymity. For more information, do contact us through the contact page.

Due to the need for time to do ample research and accurately fact check our work on ‘Current Affairs’, articles may take a long time. Meanwhile, opinion articles or rants will be published more frequently.

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Our Staff:

  • Isao Miyazawa-Politics Writer
  • Goh Quan Sheng (thewetilon)-Politics Writer
  • Saishwar-Politics, Entertainment and Sports Writer
  • Kenji Sakurai-Science Writer, Researcher
  • Royston Long (virtualchaos55)-Writer

-The Sticks and Stones© Team