“Stop.”-An open letter to the UNSC.

Dear members of the Security Council of the United Nations,


Stop your prevarications. Stop your politics. By the minute, lives are lost. As any of you read this, the global situation gets darker.

The recent verbal attack on Russia, China and Bolivia isn’t enough to stop them. What do you expect when the only thing you do to achieve anything is only condemnation of another country? As a collective council, I personally question your moral ground when you abide by the laws of the Security Council religiously, never moving another step to revamp the Security Council when it has proven to be anything but effective. A system that requires total agreement is quixotic at best. It does not bring a problem to a direct halt. It is a problem that worsens other problems.

My message to Russia, China and Bolivia should be further emphasised. Instead of relying on cover-ups to protect your geopolitical might, doing what is difficult and right comes a long way in ensuring your goals. Still, I must hold your utter selfishness in reluctant exaltation. If anything, your actions throughout your stints (Russia and China) is that of gluttony and greed, yet through all the dismal and snide remarks you’ve received over the course of your office, you’ve still held strongly to those goals. Then again, I’m not sure what values you truly espouse. The speech during the World Economic Forum in Davos by Mr Xi Jinping was laced with what we could see as kind and compassionate, yet heartbreaking and truthful words, would’ve shown its full impact if not for the fact that this speech was given by China’s very own leader, the leader of a country which effectively vetoed a resolution which would’ve potentially decreased the number of refugees, the widespread poverty in Syria itself, all for the sake of their own political influence. That, to me, is the greatest, heart-aching hypocrisy ever, not because I despised you all. My heart only wept for the lost potential and hope in you. If Mr Xi Jinping asked “What has gone wrong with the world”, I want him to look himself in the eyes in the mirror and answer those questions truthfully. He knows it better than anyone else, at least since he’s a political expert himself. I pray you seek solace in what you know will serve the world best, not only for China’s sake.

President Putin was a figure of respect to me, for his value of efficiency is one I adore. The only issue remains that my respect cannot go any further because while he’s an expert in his own rights, a dwindling lack of compassion for people around the world has only evinced that he has failed his duty both as a president and as a world leader. While he can deal with issues swiftly, his dealership only goes as far as not being able to understand the pain of another. The issues of both Crimea and Syria hold testament to my words. By my own morals, I’ll just say that politicians need both the heart and the brain; without one the other will die. President Putin has greatly disappointed me in the most recent UN resolution vote. If he truly cares for the people of the world, may I wish he steps forward to actually take actions against the Syrian government.

The leaders of the first world, USA, it is my regret to see that many of you have effectively abstained from doing anything to loosen your grip of menace. In particular, while the US stands strongly against the issue of Syria, they have refused to take a stand against the illegal settlements in Israel. Knowing the extent of the Israeli issue is one thing. It is difficult to deal with a conflict that had effectively lasted for a century, yet if terrorism and illegal settlement doesn’t stop for both sides, nothing will ever come to fruition in this sacred land. As a Christian myself, I pray for the peace that my Palestinian brothers can face. I pray that they do not resort to violence. My prayers will only be in vain if the vicious cycle of return and revenge continues rolling on. My only wish is to see a two-state agreement come to pass, for this is the only way that a land divided can stand together in the international stage as the sum of its parts if a whole is impossible, with a people living in harmony, with one less conflict, with one more success.

Syria. You’re a beautiful country, yet wasted for you’ve been ravaged by the centre of the UNSC. In this vein, people of Syria, the UNSC should give you a united apology. I would certainly hope that anywhere in the world would accept you for who you are and do their best to keep you. There are countries which aren’t safe for your survival, but Canada is one that gives me hope, so long as a progressive leader continues to carry Trudeau’s legacy. With 26000 refugees entering Canada per year and a 94% acceptance rate of Syrian refugees, this makes Canada one of the largest acceptors of refugees. The Canadian people are willing to take you with open arms, so know that you have a wider family out there. That includes the many other nations this long letter cannot hold.

As the previous Secretary General of the UN once said, “Just when we think it cannot get any worse, the bar of depravity sinks lower.” I wish you can show his successor that he was wrong. Mr Ban Ki Moon wished he was.

So here in my letter, I’ve stated my sorrows and wishes. Let this be an opportunity where my pleas, no matter how childish and idealistic, get through.

So stop.

Regards, Isao Miyazawa.

Image credits: United Nations


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