Trump’s undiplomatic diplomacy

“America first. America, first.”

That wasn’t even the start of his diplomacy. By far, this is just down the tip of the iceberg. Everything began years ago when he was ridiculed. It’s understandable though. That man was brought up in a family which preached the existence of the division between the winners and the losers. The Trump family in essence was all about winning; their name says it all.

But during the White House Correspondence dinner of 2011, Trump’s outlook bore a more cynical, sadistic turn. That was a point in time when he was seen as the loser. Like those he ridiculed before, everything seemed to turn its back on him. Never before did he feel betrayed by his own achievements. Then came rage.

Since then he came a long way. From the birther issue to openly attacking China because they’ve totally conjured climate change, he hasn’t stopped once to completely obliterate anyone’s reputation. At least not towards his allies. However, this digs deeper into how the presidency and the larger sovereignty of the country is at stake. His allies are unable to read him, his manipulators continue to manipulate him and this eventually ensnares the world deeper into a political food chain, one that’s more complicated than the existing one now that a superpower is led by a complete political amateur.

Regarding the state of his policy towards his allies, he seems to have no qualms in absorbing any praise perfunctorily tossed onto him, but as any sponge would act, he merely soaks. This would mean that it’s all too easy for The Donald to be manipulated by his ‘allies’ no matter how cognisant of it he is, not because he doesn’t know what to do, but because he’s too narcissistic to do so. To put it simply, the image of the man is greater than the integrity and independence of the position. He, however, is unable to tell friend from foe, as clearly evinced from his phone call with Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull. When a friendly reminder about an agreement was made, he replied with hostility, claiming that Australia was about to send a next batch of “Boston Bombers”.

He wouldn’t have been completely wrong to raise that exclamation if it factually reflected at least an inkling of concern for the safety of America, but anything he’s said or done over the course of his campaign plus his actions as the President fuelled anything but diplomacy. That accusation itself was already a flagrant declaration of war against migration, and he did not stop at that; he’s determined to wage verbal wars against any countries viewing his policies with apprehension and doubt.

His immigration ban now effectively unpopular and on the verge of toppling by federal judges, the eyeless bull is on the rampage. On 10 February (GMT +8Hrs), the President threateningly tweeted about the security of the nation being at stake.

To bring this back to reality, the security of the nation isn’t at stake. The reputation of the 45th President and Donald himself is.

Over the course of his presidency, many have noted his ludicrous promises of what is simply childish reticence. Hand picking his staff he went, claiming to have called in the greatest minds, but the entire White House has turned into an enclosed echo chamber. His daily briefings could’ve even involved sitting in front of his TV in a bathrobe, gluing himself to the screen which monotonously flashes Fox News. His entire presidency espouses the very act of discrimination and obedience to authority. His administration seemingly ignores and even actively eschews the very cornerstone of the American society: the rights to free speech.

This isn’t normal. We’ve had people like Hitler and Stalin and Mussolini, we’re looking at Vladimir Putin and Robert Mugabe and Kim Jong-Un. Now we’re going to add Donald Trump to the list. We’re adding an American President to the list of dictators, people who think they’re living in the past and people who are living in their dreams, as if the world should bend to their will. To summarise, he’s setting a trend, indirectly motivating similar activities all over the world.

To laugh his presidency off, note the countless faux pas within his campaigns and meetings. Laced with false facts and awkward handshakes, he has proven himself not only as a compulsive liar, he has had himself clad in the outfit of a manipulative dialogue partner. His meetings from PM Theresa May to PM Shinzo Abe revealed subtle messages. His jerky, unpredictable grips, the tapping of his recipients’ hands and his weird monologues while hand-shaking (he audibly praised Abe’s grip) all showed anything but seeing them at equal levels. To him, he has to dominate them, just as how his father would preach. To pull them over to him while hand-shaking was a clear message to everyone: I don’t want to have to go along with you, it’s your job. Thank goodness PM Justin Trudeau knew better!

It’s a mistake, however, to laugh at his presidency. Sure, it was funny while his campaign lasted, but to see his rage-induced diplomacy would be too scary for the next four years. He wouldn’t stop at just inciting fear through shedding negative light on Mexico or China, he’s pulled his determination to blasting Australia. If his presidency fails to preach and practise acceptance and love, his society will propagate hate and discrimination. If he forgets that his businesses aren’t Americas, he will see his relationships with many countries falling like his casinos did. If he was to build a wall, he’d be Humpty Dumpty.


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